Welcome to Wickedgoodteens! I am a mother of three kids — two teens and one ‘tween. I am new to blogging but I like to analyze life and I like to write, so voila! Since I’m right smack in the middle of raising teens, they are my latest fixation.

Where I live (a suburb of beautiful Boston, Massachusetts), it’s common practice to push kids hard to succeed — in academics, sports, music, school government .. ..You get the picture. This push is good for some teens, not so good for others. I have mixed feelings about all that. But I have very strong feelings about a different kind of push that is missing: the push to help kids develop into good kids — or in this case, good teens:  WickedGoodTeens.

What exactly is a good kid? A good kid gives his best effort in everything he attempts; He is kind to others and tolerant of those who look, think, and act differently than himself; He thinks of others’ needs, not just of his own; He stands up for himself and others when treated unfairly; He knows he is a work in progress, with many strengths and many areas in need of work; He is hopeful about his future.  And this list goes on….

But no grades, scores, trophies or ribbons are awarded. What’s so great about it, you ask? Every kid is eligible to participate in the training, and the longer he does so, the stronger these good kid skills become.  For life.   Sound good?

Let’s be honest here. We all want the best for our teens. We want them to be happy. But no matter what they end up doing in life, they will be happier if they learn to be caring, compassionate, considerate adults. Here at Wickedgoodteens I will write about topics that aim to give us all hope for our teens — particularly when we have moments of wanting to pull our (or their) hair out.

I, too, am a work in progress so please be patient with me as I share my stories and ideas with you!  Thank you!!

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  1. Hi Ellen. I’m wondering if you are still blogging. I enjoyed your blog but had to take a break myself recently. When I started back, I realized I haven’t seen anything from you so I thought I’d check in.
    Lisa K.

  2. Way to go Ellen! You are the perfect person to write a blog like this! You have an amazing family with 3 wonderful kids who are definitely following in your wicked good footsteps! Great job!

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